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October 11, 2017

Guide to Australian Slang: 43 phrases to help you talk like an Aussie

“G’day mate, I won’t beat around the bush, so swing around s’arvo for some tinnies while we throw some sangers on the barbie. Don’t worry about telling the Sheila, she’ll be right. We’ll give a red hot crack at finishing the whole slab.”

If this made absolutely no sense to you at all, then fantastic, you’ve come to the right place.

Australia is one of the many countries in the world that uses English as its main language, however there are so many slang words that are used in everyday speech, it often feels as though Australians aren’t speaking English at all. Australians can make slang words out of just about anything. After spending a few hours there you will realize that every word now ends in a vowel.

If you plan on visiting Australia for a short or long period of time, it may help to brush up on a bit of the “lingo” just so you don’t get lost staring into space as an Australian tries to explain something to you. Here are a couple of words in no particular order that may help you in your travels.

  •        G’day = good day, or hello
  •        Mate = friend, buddy
  •        Beat around the bush = I’ll get straight to the point
  •        Swing around = come to my place of residence
  •        S’arvo = this afternoon
  •        Tinnies = beers that come in a can, probably VB, XXXX or Tooheys New
  •        Sangers = sausages
  •        Barbie = barbeque
  •        Sheila = woman; THE Sheila is probably referring to your partner/girlfriend/wife
  •        She’ll be right = everything will be okay, don’t worry
  •        Red hot crack = give your best effort
  •        Slab = an entire 24 pack of canned beers.
  •        Cuppa = cup of tea
  •        Maccas = McDonald’s
  •        Straya = Australia (only in Australia would you shorten the name of your own country)
  •        Footy = football; probably Rugby League, Rugby Union or Australian Rules, depending on where you are
  •        Servo = service station, petrol station or gas station depending on where you are from.
  •        Petty = petrol or gas
  •        Bottle-O = liquor store or bottle shop
  •        Coppa = police officer
  •        Tradie = someone who works in a trade, or with their hands
  •        Facey = facebook
  •        Past the black stump = a place too far to travel
  •        Big Smoke = the big city
  •        Brekkie = breakfast
  •        Deadset = is a way of showing how serious you are; “Deadset, Cameron was the nicest guy I’ve ever met”
  •        Ripper = describes something very good; “Cameron is a ripper of a blog writer”
  •        Righto = alright, okay
  •        Fair Dinkum = that’s incredible
  •        Good Onya = nice work, good for you
  •        Grog = alcohol
  •        Loo = bathroom
  •        Mozzie = mosquito
  •        No Worries = That’s alright, not a problem
  •        Roadie = a beer that can be consumed on the road (not while driving of course)
  •        Roo = kangaroo
  •        Smoko = a cigarette break, often paid for during work hours
  •        Sunnies = sunglasses
  •        Ta/cheers = thank you
  •        Whinge = complaining
  •        Oi = Hey! Or a way of getting attention
  •        Off Crook/Sickie = taking time off work due to illness
  •        Budgie Smugglers = swim apparel often associated with the brand Speedo, made especially famous in Australia by our very own former Prime Minister Tony Abbott


Australians will also almost immediately give you a nickname as a sign of endearment, especially if your name is hard to pronounce or remember. And that’s that! Good onya, mate. You’ll have no worries understanding the Aussies now!