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August 24, 2017

How to Backpack Chat

How to Backpack Chat?

Do you love traveling?  If yes, then Backpack Chat app is a must download for you! It’s great for staying in touch with your friends that are on the road so you don’t miss each other when you’re in the same place.

What does it actually do?

Backpack Chat puts your friends and their travel plans on a map so you don’t have to message everyone to know who’s going where.

 Backpack Chat automatically connects you with your Facebook friends that are on the app and features

  • Map – displays your friends
  • Marker – shows travel plans
  • Trips – Travel diary of places you’ve visited

I don’t want to message everyone!

Travelling around with a friend is an amazing experience, yet it takes time to message everyone to know who’s going where.

Backpack Chat automatically connects you with your Facebook friends that are on the app so you can see your friend’s travel plans, share your own and meet up!

Backpack Chat is like whatsapp on steroids!

Everyone uses whatsapp or messenger to chat with their friends, but travellers need more. Find my friends on facebook returns a list of people nearby while other apps show your exact location.

It puts us in a kind of a chokehold because you want to stay safe, know where your friends are and not share your personal data to get bombarded with advertisement.

Backpack Chat protects your privacy and only shows the city that you’re in. We never shares your data or use it for e-commerce. Our goal is to develop an application that travellers can trust.

Why Backpack Chat?

Meeting new people and experiencing different cultures is the number one reason why people travel. The best feeling is when you meet your new friends in another city or even country.

Imagine you made a connection with a person you would like to meet again and then suddenly you appear to be travelling to the same places. How cool would that be?

Or, someone spontaneously appeared to be in the same city you’re in. Then, to your surprise,  you meet again and happily go on exploring together!

We think it’s just brilliant and the main reason why we made the app, to help you stay in touch with friends while travelling.

You won’t have to find out where your friends are a few days later by accidentally stumbling on their social media newsfeed.

Who can use Backpack Chat

Backpack Chat is opened for everyone who also loves travelling as much as we do! Join the backpack chat family HERE

How to use Backpack Chat

Backpack chat uses Facebook login to connect you with your Facebook friends that are already on the app. After logging in you will see a map with your friends on there. Easy peazy.

You share your upcoming trips under the my trips tab, which your friends will be able to see.

I want more friends on the map!

You can invite friends to the app from your phone contacts, e-mail and facebook in the chat tab

Download Backpack Chat

You can download the app from Google PlayStore