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November 6, 2017

Travel Unraveler Podcast

Travel Unraveler podcast

As I wandered aimlessly amidst the wretched underbelly of Tallinn, Estonia we saw a glimpse of hope shining from the east and west (not north, it’s dark there). Fascinated by the anomaly, Martin embarked upon a journey to uncover this mystery with the help of travelers across the world.

Listen to the newly born Travel Unraveler Podcast from Martin Jeret and his guests!

The Travel Unraveler Podcast is 100% free on Soundcloud. If you have any feedback or guests you would like to hear on the show we’ll reach out to them and invite them on.


Travel Unraveler Episode 2 with Taran from Nomad’er how far


Taran has had his blog Nomad’er How Far since 2014. He started the blog with his then girlfriend Hannah. They write about minimalism, budget traveling and becoming debt free.


Hannah now has her own blog and wrote a book on minimalism as well link. Nomad’er How Far blog shares Taran and Hannah’s transformative path from working 9 to 5 in England to selling everything and traveling the world. The blog features travel chronicles and advice on a myriad of topics like minimalism, budget traveling and becoming debt free.


Part 1


Taran is back home in South Hampton at the moment saving up for his next big venture in Japan. In part 1 Taran shares his experience traveling Australia on a budget, how they hitch-hiked with some strangers that had some odd gear in the back of the car to his time WWOOF’ing and working for accommodation in Cannes.


We also explore his Blog and what budget traveling is about for Taran. Should you do it to travel for longer or is there a deeper meaning behind it? Perhaps traveling on a budget will allow you to experience the country in a completely different way than you would in say Australia, traveling with a greyhound coach?


There are, however, some basics you should know and Taran will share some tips. To the question “What is the best advice someone’s given you about traveling?” Taran told a story of how he was building a kayak from empty soda cans and had a revelation listening to Time by Pink Floyd


“And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.”


Part 2 Living on Fraser Island


In part 2 Taran talks about what happened in Australia when his and Hannah’s wallet was getting thin and they had to find a job. They applied for one on the largest sand islands in the world, Fraser Island, and ended up flying over on a small plane and staying in the middle of the jungle in a tent.

Taran on Fraser Island

Taran said that this was the best travel experience he has ever had. We also share a story of our worst experience. Taran was camping when a storm hit around Port Stephens completely destroying the campsite: trees fell on cars and the permanent tents collapsed on themselves. Taran managed to return the tent though and get his money back. Martin was alone, without a penny in Bangkok and had to find his way to Chiang Mai up north.


Part 3


Taran started learning Chinese a while back but soon discovered that the intonation you use changes the meaning of the world completely. He then switched to Japan and became fond of Japan in the process. He’s been wanting to go there for a while and shares his thoughts about the island and tells about a small island nearby Japan that is full of CATS.

Island full of Cats

We also talk about a guest post on Nomad’er How Far about MLA (Master in Life Adventures), which is all about traveling with a purpose to learn rather than coming back from holiday with a nice tan. We also touch on the Mindfulness project in Kohn Koen, northern Thailand, which allows travelers practice Buddhism and live off the land.

Master of Life Adventures

Taran is also a fan of Elon Musk so we have a chat about living on Mars. Have a listen and find out if Taran or Martin would move to Mars if they have a chance.



Travel Unraveler on SoundCloud: link

Taran’s blog: Nomad’er how far

In part 1 of episode 2 Taran shares his recent charity bike race experience in Cyclo Cruze, which takes place every year in the Isle of Wight link.

Mindfulness project:  link to website

Master of Life Adventures guest post on Nomad’er How Far: link

Hannah’s blog: HannahJGalpin

Hannah’s book on minimalism: Amazon link